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Jake Hefter MMA Roufusport
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Jake Hefter is an assistant coach at Roufusport Sheboygan.

Jake started training BJJ and Kickboxing in 2017 however, he was in his senior year of high school and focused on his wrestling.

In 2019 he switched to Roufusport HQ in Milwaukee and started training consistently.

Prior to his first competition in 2020 Jake spent a month in Thailand to train.

Jake then made his amateur kickboxing debut in January 2022 with a first round KO.

"Martial arts has been such a game changer for me physically, mentally and emotionally, I don't think I'd be the person I am today had it not been for me taking a chance and trying something new!"

Jake's accomplishments and rankings:

  • BJJ Blue 

  • Kickboxing Purple Belt

  • 1x Fuji State Champion

  • 1x Gamma National Champion

  • 1-0 Amatuer Kickboxing 

  • 0-1 Amateur MMA

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