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BJJ Coach

John Mulhern BJJ Roufusport MMA
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John Mulhern is an assistant BJJ coach at Roufusport Sheboygan.

John has been training BJJ and MMA since 2014, has competed in several BJJ tournaments and has fought once as an amateur, going 0-1. 

John has taken advantage of his wrestling background and was able to quickly develop an attack heavy jiujitsu game from the top, bottom, and every position in between. Jiujitsu and MMA has allowed him to travel the country, compete in front of thousands of people, and create friendships that will last a lifetime.

"I've spent more hours on the mat grappling than any other thing I have ever done in my life. I truly believe that this sport can make room in anyone’s life and change it for the better."

John's accomplishments and rankings:

  • BJJ brown belt

  • Kickboxing blue belt

  • 3-2 in professional jiujitsu matches

  • 0-1 amateur MMA

  • 2022 Pan American runner up

  • 2x Fuji Champion 

  • 2x Combat Corner champion

  • 2x NAGA champion

  • 4x Grappling Industries champion

  • 2x Combat Corner silver medalist

  • 1x NAGA silver medalist

  • 2x Grappling Industries silver medalist

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