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Coach Diego

Kickboxing Coach

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Diego started doing martial arts around 17 years old after a friend asked him to try it out, soon after he was hooked. 

During his first year training he was able to obtain a basic understanding of the sport.

After competing in pankration events he took some time off competition he was able to focus training Muay Thai and that is when he truly fell in love with the art, the culture, the discipline and the relationships created within the sport. 

The gym that Diego was training at ended up closing their doors, which gave him the opportunity to work with his cousin teaching some of his favorite techniques. Seeing how he could pass on his own knowledge brought a new found joy to his life and Diego realized how much he also loved the coaching aspect of the art. 



“I could go all day about how I love martial arts, to summarize it all up, it's where I can have fun, express myself, and always grow and learn new things.”

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